Siyayenza - SA's Top Cleaning Company

At Siyayenza we a have national footprint with an extensive client database in all industry sectors, providing an excellent cleaning service in a professional way, regardless of company or site size.

Our management team has grown extensively over the last couple of years and feedback on our cleaning expertise has been extremely positive from all of our clients.

Engaging with our clients on a regular basis keeps us up to date with what is happening on ground level. Using our new proprietary cleaning solutions, combined with our expert cleaning products and chemicals, we are committed to ensuring a cleaner tomorrow for all.

Siyayenza! Because together we can!


At Siyayenza we strive to give our customers cleaning service excellence and continuously exceed in meeting their expectations.

We are continuously on top of the latest cleaning industry innovations with our excellent cleaning products and cleaning  services, while also providing our expertly-trained cleaning teams with constant feedback.

We strive to find innovative ways to save YOU money, without compromising quality. We believe in continuously being open and transparent in all our operations, cleaning services and professional conduct.

We provide principle-driven and ethical leadership throughout all levels of management, sharing capabilities, knowledge and information about the cleaning industry.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do!

Siyayenza! Because together we can!


  • To employ from, and uplift local communities.
  • To use only the best chemicals and processes and to have the environment always in mind.
  • To provide continuous internal training on cleaning procedures, keeping up with global cleaning industry trends.
  • To assist employees with external education and development on the cleaning industry.
  • To promote from within our current staff compliment.