How do you know when a contract cleaning company is the right one for you?

Siyayenza CleaningServices are 100% compliant with the National Contract Cleaner’s Association of South Africa. Every year we get a clean audit from them, and our certificate of compliance is proudly displayed at our offices. But shockingly, we are only one of three contract cleaning companies in South Africa who ARE actually compliant!

Choose your contract cleaning service provider carefully. Below, we have compiled a list of five important questions you should ask before you sign up for a cleaning service:   

1.      Do you practice and adhere to South African health and safety standards?

What is the contract cleaning company telling you they will be liable for? Damage to your property and mishaps can happen, especially in a large commercial location with many staff members. The contract cleaning company needs to make sure that their staff are properly trained, and take all safety precautions with regards to cleaning equipment and cleaning products. All equipment should be well-maintained and serviced regularly and everyone is compliant with health and safety regulations.  

2.      Do you abide by the standard South African cleaning industry laws?

There are many legal requirements contract cleaning services need to adhere to. Ensure that your contract cleaner has all the relevant documentation. Also check that these documents are not outdated!

3.      Do you have a National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) certificate of compliance?

The NCCA audits contract cleaning companies in SA. They also act on behalf of South African contract cleaners to handle negotiations such as wage disputes, etc. The NCCA will also perform an audit and will only issue a certificate of compliance to the contract cleaning company that has passed ALL their requirements.

4.      What is covered in the Service Agreement?

In your service agreement with the contract cleaning company, it is important to stipulate exactly what you need from the service, in as fine a detail as possible.  This will ensure that you get the best cleaning service for your money! While the responsibility lies with you to work out the fine points, a good cleaning company will already know what needs to be done, and should provide you with a comprehensive Service Agreement you can read through, and sign up on.

5.      Can you show me client references?

A well-established contract cleaning company should have many ‘happy client’ testimonials. When checking up on references, look for current clients so the feedback is up to date. Feel free to ask the company for references. A great cleaning company will be proud to show you how their hard work has paid off!

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